Alerts and Notices

Insect (Vector) Control

The Town of Marana Utilities Department is committed to providing the best customer care and infrastructure maintenance possible. As part of our ongoing maintenance for our sewer system, we have a vector control program. A vector can be any of the insects that live in our sewer system.

The Utilities Department's vector control program maintains the manholes and sewer system, in general, for roaches and other insects. The process consists of lifting each manhole and applying a pesticide, which covers the inside walls of the manhole. The insects who try to pass through this application will most likely perish before they get out. This treatment lasts for two years.

This process may cause the insects, like roaches, to seek other ways to avoid the pesticide by trying to enter your home. During the time frame when the application is conducted, be sure to close or cover your drains and have water in the plumbing traps to help avoid insects entering your home.

For more information on vector control programs and tips to prevent roaches from entering your home, please visit the Pima County Wastewater Reclamation site here.

Notice 1

The 2013 Annual Water Quality Report is available in our offices and on our website. The report was sent out to those customers who live in the Palo Verde, Hartman Vistas, Airport, and Airline/Lambert systems.

Notice 2

To better serve our valued customers, the Town of Marana offers a TTY (Teletype) phone so that everyone can contact any department. The phone is located at the Marana Municipal Complex (11555 West Civic Center Drive) reception area of the first floor. The TTY number is 520-382-3499.