Water Conservation

Marana Water is committed to providing reliable drinking water for our current and future customers. Groundwater is one of these water resources, and is vital to the health of our community. Here are some helpful link for information related to groundwater and some tips for conservation.

National Groundwater Association - here
State of Arizona Groundwater Resources - here
About Groundwater - here

The Arizona Department of Water Resources' (ADWR) mission is to be the steward of Arizona's water future and ensures long-term, reliable water supplies to support the continued economic prosperity of the State. ADWR is continually Protecting Arizona's Water Supplies for its Next Century. They provide conservation tips, information for agricultural users, and general water information. Be sure to check out the Town's Facebook and Twitter accounts for more during National Groundwater Awareness Week.

Marana Water's Commitment
Because we live in a desert, water is our most precious and vital resource, and we must all do our part to use water wisely and ensure an adequate and safe water supply for future generations. Water conservation will not only help save water, it will also save you money.

The Town of Marana Utilities Department is a member of the Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona (Water CASA). Through this membership we receive conservation materials and handouts, which are available free of charge at our office at 5100 W. Ina Rd. The conservation material available ranges across conservation methods from a booklet on selection and caring of desert-adapted plants to a double-sided sheet of ways to save water inside and outside the home.

In addition to the conservation material available at our office, we have a Water Meter Monitor (WMM) that allows you to read your water meter from inside your home. The WMM is very easy to use and doesn't cost you a dime. It can be used to track your watering activities such as how much water is being used every time you take a shower, run the dishwasher, or wash clothes. The WMM is a useful tool to assist you in lowering your water bill by identifying which activities use the most water and where water consumption can be reduced. As a result of conserving water, you will be billed less per month, thus saving you money.

If you are interested in utilizing the WMM or receiving a conservation materials packet, please visit our office or contact us at 520-382-2570.

Listed below are helpful links to knowledgeable specialists, useful tools, and innovative techniques for water conservation in, and around, your home:

Water CASA

U.S. EPA Water Sense

Irrigation Association

Water Use It Wisely - 100 Ways to Conserve

Save Water America

ADWR's Conservation Website